What is Coding using C & Data Structures?

Coding is a set of instructions created for computers using programming languages. Various programming languages are used to simplify the method of writing instructions to the computer. The instructions create the outer functionality that we are able to feel on Websites, Games, and Apps. C language is the basic and general-purpose programming language. It was initially developed as a system language for operating systems. But, many later programming languages like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc have directly or indirectly borrowed few syntax or features from the C language. In the process of giving instruction, we have to store or retrieve data. Data Structures in C language are used to effectively store, organize, and retrieve the data. The step by step procedure that defines how the instructions given to the computer have to be performed is called an Algorithm.

Where is it required ?

Create computer based applications like Operating Systems, Device Drivers and Games etc

Teaching Methodology

  • Start from Zero (Yes!, you read it right. You do not need any knowledge on programming to learn this course)
  • Build conceptual knowledge through Programs
  • Conceptual learning coupled with coding assessments
  • Coding for real-time scenarios
  • Debugging of code
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