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Campus Hiring / Campus Placements / Campus Recruitment is the process followed by many companies in hiring their workforce directly from colleges. In this process, the hiring company identifies a college, and a candidate is selected while he is pursuing his final year or sometimes the final semester. Generally, the campus hiring process is divided into 4 stages. The candidates who are found meeting the expectations of the hiring company are forwarded to the next stage and the left out candidates have to look for other opportunities.

The entire Campus hiring process is divided into four stages - Written-test, Group discussion, Technical interviews, HR interview. At Skill Lens, we have made each round as an individual learning course. Each learning course aims at building specific skills for the aspirants. Our assessment platform helps a candidate to understand his areas of strengths and weakness where the learning courses help to overcome the areas of deficiency. The Skill Lens coding platform supports more that 20 programming languages which enables the aspirant to build their coding skills.

Opt E-Learning 

Problem Solving

Rs. 399

English & Verbal

Rs. 399

Presentation & Interview

Rs. 399


Rs. 1599

Campus Hiring Skills

Rs. 999


Rs. 999

Opt E-Assessments  

IBPS Clerk - Rs. 50

Rs. 0