What is English Language Skill?


English is recognized as a universally accepted language for communication. Though universally accepted, in many countries, English is not a native language of communication. In the current digital scenario, English has become a language of necessity. If we put effort, systematically learn, it's an easy language. English language skills are all about Understanding, Reading, Writing, and Speaking in English. To excel in the English language, we need good word power which builds our verbal ability. Verbal ability in English is required to express our ideas in a way that is understandable by the other person.

Where is it required?

Verbal ability is a part of written test in all the competitive examinations. It is also an integral part of the campus hiring process.

Teaching Methodology

  • Video-based learning which helps improve your listening, reading skills
  • Self-pace study to improve word power.
  • Immersion method of learning throughout the course
  • Continuous assessments to understand learning outcomes
Opt E-Learning 

Problem Solving

Rs. 399

English & Verbal

Rs. 399

Presentation & Interview

Rs. 399

Coding with Java

Rs. 180


Rs. 1599

Campus Hiring Skills

Rs. 999


Rs. 999

Opt E-Assessments  

IBPS Clerk - Rs. 50

Rs. 0


Higher Education

CAT - Rs. 50

Rs. 0