Higher Education - Management Courses (MBA / PGDM)

India is foreseeing a huge demand for higher education. Out of the whole spectrum of courses that offer a post-graduation or post-graduation diploma, Management courses are leading. The start-up culture that has become a buzz word among the youth is also a major factor for aspiration towards management courses.

In India, CAT (Common Admission Test) - is the most prestigious entrance exam which offer management course. The top scorers get admission into IIM's which are considered the finest institutions in the country. Apart from CAT, each state organises its own entrance exam i.e. Telangana - TSICET, Andhra Pradesh - APICET and so on.

Opt E-Learning 

Problem Solving

Rs. 399

English & Verbal

Rs. 399

Presentation & Interview

Rs. 399


Rs. 1599

Campus Hiring Skills

Rs. 999


Rs. 999

Opt E-Assessments  

IBPS Clerk - Rs. 50

Rs. 0