What is Presentation & Interview Skills ?


Presentation skill is considered as the most important skill. Presentation is not only communication, it is the ability to adapt ourselves to various business situations and the audience. Presentation is not just talking to the audience, it is engaging the audience. It is decoding your though and enlightening the audience.

Interview skills is considered an ability to express and interact with the interviewer. Nowadays interviewers are not following the traditional approach of question and answer. The interview has become a process to understand the candidates' ability to think logically and rationally, showcase the ability to handle a team or be a team player with suitable examples, exhibit proper body language to make sure that you are connected with the person in front of you. In short, it is the final chance you get to prove that you are an asset to the organization and impress the interviewer to believe the same.

Where is it required?

  • Career Building
  • Business Development
  • Story Telling

Teaching Methodology

  • Audio & Visual demonstration.
  • Experimental Training.
Opt E-Learning 

Problem Solving

Rs. 399

English & Verbal

Rs. 399

Presentation & Interview

Rs. 399

Coding with Java

Rs. 180


Rs. 1599

Campus Hiring Skills

Rs. 999


Rs. 999

Opt E-Assessments  

IBPS Clerk - Rs. 50

Rs. 0


Higher Education

CAT - Rs. 50

Rs. 0