Kumar Raja M

Founder & CEO | Strategy & Growth
Email: kumarraja@skilllens.com

"I believe education transforms lives". However, Education has become so essential and costlier that parents are compelled to spend more than 35% of their earnings towards the education of their children. Our vision is to provide a world-class online learning platform at the most affordable price. My interest in education began a decade ago. After completion of Post-Graduation, I worked as a Teacher, Trainer for 6 years, and directly trained 10000+ students. My 5+ years of experience as an HR professional helped me understand the skill gap between the industry and the aspirants. Skill Lens would constantly focus on reducing the skill gap. The instructional design techniques followed at Skill Lens will help each student to Learn-Evaluate-Nurture-Succeed (LENS).


Sathesh Kumar M

Co-Founder & CTO | Technology & Growth
Email: sathesh@skilllens.com

Technology-enabled learning helps a child to learn at his own pace. Learning is effective when it is self-paced. Technology-enabled Self-pace learning influenced the birth of Skill Lens. My experience of training 35000+ students on C, C++, .Net and Angular over two decades helped me to understand the technology expectations of various multinational companies. All the online learning courses are perfectly designed to build skills. We not only share knowledge, we focus on the application of knowledge (Skill). The wings on our logo depict the flight and confidence that our subscriber feels after completion of his course.

bharat-Corporate Trainer
Mr. Bharat

Corporate Trainer

nandini-Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainer

venkat-Digital Marketing Strategist
Venkat Kiran

Digital Marketing Strategist